Spin-Torque MRAM Technology

Everspin’s newest MRAM technology use the spin torque transfer property, which is the manipulation of the spin of electrons with a polarizing current, to establish the desired magnetic state of the free layer to program, or write, the bits in the memory array.

Spin Torque MRAM, or ST-MRAM, provides a significant reduction in switching energy compared to Toggle MRAM, and is highly scalable, enabling higher density memory products. Our third generation of MRAM technology uses a Perpendicular MTJ. We have developed materials and Perpendicular MTJ stack designs with high perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, which provides long data retention, small cell size, greater density, high endurance and low power.

The first ST-MRAM products from Everspin utilize JEDEC like DDR3 and DDR4 interfaces with some modifications needed for MRAM technology. These products perform as a persistent DRAM but with no refresh required. Additional products are planned which will utilize high speed serial interfaces for a wide range of embedded applications.


Spin Torque Products

DDR3 Products

DDR4 Products